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School Shopping

My little Bubba isn't so little any more!  He started Kindergarten this year!  He is going to the new charter school, Promontory Elementary.

Since they have a very strict dress code, school shopping wasn't quite as exciting as it could have been.  But we did have a good time (I was very honored that his mother invited me to go!).

Bubba's cousin, Corbin, is in his class.  That makes it more fun!  I am very impressed with the philosophy of this school.  It is an Expeditionary Learning school.  The school focuses on learning through learning expeditions, active pedagogy, culture and character, leadership and school improvement, and structures.  This year the kindergarten will join with the first and second grades in completing three projects.  The first project is a book on farm animals that will be published and put in the school library.  Between the three grades they will do all facets of creating the book:  they will learn about the animals, write the text, make the pict…

New Trees

I used to have a decent back yard.  Lots of grass, an awesome garden, a cement pad for playing basketball. However, life happened, and somehow we totally lost control of the back yard.  First of all, that first year after BJ died I couldn't even function well, let alone take care of the yard.  Since we don't have a sprinkler system and it required effort to actually walk outside, move the sprinkler, and then turn on the water, it didn't get water.  After the grass died, the weeds (which for some reason don't need water to grow) took over.  The garden, which used to be Kim's pride and job, all of the sudden became a feeding ground for the deer, and after he lost his entire crop, he lost interest.  Couple that with the fact that for the last couple of years he has been working 50-70 hours a week and the garden spot has turned into a big weed patch.  Once we lost the backyard, it was just easier to let it continue to go downhill.  Kim's truck that needs a new engi…

Brigham City Temple #2

With the Labor Day holiday, the crowds of people coming to see the Brigham City Temple during the open house have gotten larger and larger!  Labor Day the lines wound clear around the temple and along Main Street! On Friday (before the big crowds came) I was able to work at the temple as the "counter".  It was a fairly slow day, and yet I still counted an average of 1,000 - 1,200 people an hour!  I heard rumor that a week ago the Saturday count was 33,000 in 13 hours.  WOW!   I absolutely LOVE working at the temple during this open house.  It kind of makes me feel like I am taking a little bit of "ownership" in the temple - like it is "my" temple.  I love feeling like I am helping to further in the Lord's work.  I am so excited to be able to start attending the temple after it is dedicated!
Saturday we were able to go with Tasha & Zane and Mark & Ashley on another tour.  It was so fun to "share" this special building with them.