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Week In Review 4/24/16

This week was full of training, training, and more training.  I learned so much that I feel like my head is going to EXPLODE!  There is not enough room inside this teeny brain of mine to hold all of the great information  - especially when I want to just sit down and process it all to determine how I am going to integrate and use the information to improve my classes.
On Monday I got up very early so I could drive to Salt Lake and catch a ride for the training in Provo.  This was a great class where we learned how to use the many resources included with the educational program we are using.  It was a long drive and a long day of training, but I got many good ideas.  Now to find the time to integrate them into the classes!
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were also training days.  Fortunately this training was at the Layton campus where were learned how to use our high-fidelity and mid-fidelity simulation manikins.  Tanja and Carrie came up from the Murray campus to learn with us.  Th…