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Canyon Fun

We are so fortunate to live so close to a place where we can get away from it all! We celebrated the July 4th holiday on Monday, July 5. We headed up to the canyon for a great day of hiking, playing games, and of course hobo dinners and S'mores! I just LOVE the relaxing atmosphere up there. Tia's friend, Zane, came up with us, and Bubba decided that he was his new best friend!

A Snake Tell

A couple of weeks ago, Lou and I decided to go for a walk with Bubba. She took him out to strap him in the stroller, when all of the sudden she saw a snake! It wasn't a big snake, and it looked like it wasn't moving, so she just "calmly" strapped Bubba in tight, and wheeled the stroller several feet away, and then called for me. Oh course, Kim was at work, so it was just us ladies to take care of the beast. Lou stood guard until I got there, and then I had a look. Yep, it was a snake alright, it stuck it's forked little tongue right out at me and wiggled just a bit to show me that he was very much alive. And the pattern looked suspiciously like diamonds. Well, I decided that I could take matters in my own hands, so once again I left Lou as a look out to make sure it didn't slither away, and I ran to the back yard to get a shovel. Unfortunately while I was gone he slithered under a ladder that was laying there, so I didn't have a good shot of him wi…