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Blog Challenge #2 Where Would You Like to Be in 10 Years?

Where Would You Like to Be in 10 Years?

In ten years I hope to see the fruits of my labors, I would like to be teaching nursing courses at a college or university. I would like to feel confident in my nursing abilities. Honestly, I think that I may like to relocate to San Diego, but unfortunately I don't see that happening since I still plan to be married.  In 10 years I will have a 16 year old grandson!  And hopefully there will be several more grandchildren to love and spoil!

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Tasha and I have decided to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Honestly, sometimes I think they are a big pain, but when I go back and read my old blog posts, my favorites are the ones where I have a question to answer because then I feel my readers - both current and the ones that are yet to be born - will know who I really am.  For some reason, I feel I need to make sure that when I am gone people will know who I am and all about my family and friends because of my blog, journal, and scrapbooks.

So here goes:  Day One:  Describe My Current Relationship

This is a subject that I have addressed previously (see Happy Father's Day).  I have been happily married to the most greatest guy for 31 wonderful years.  No, Kim is not perfect, but then I don't think I want him to be.

Kim is kind - he is always willing to run errands for me, to cover me with a blanket when I am cold, to do things that make me happy.

Kim is fun - being with Kim is almost like being at a party.  He is crazy, witt…

Fun at Bear Lake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!I am so lucky!  I got to spend my birthday with great friends at beautiful Bear Lake.  Mont and Marilyn joined us for a YUMMY dinner at Cafe Sabor.
 Of course no one could keep and secret, so the staff brought out this awesome fried ice cream for dessert.

 The view from our condo was AMAZING!

  The next morning Kim and Mont left to go home so they could go back to work and Tammy and Kinsey came up.  While we were waiting for them to arrive, Marilyn and I hit the pool.  It was PERFECT!  What a great way to relax!

Then that night we had the great opportunity to go to Pickleville to see El Bandito in his latest production:  El Bandito Rides Again.  Once again we were amazed by the humor and the talent of the T.J. Davis and his Pickleville crew.

 The next day we spent just relaxin' and eating, LeBeau's shakes were wonderful as usual, and gave ourselves manicures and pedicures.

 And playing games
 And more relaxing!

 Marilyn took my care and headed home on Frid…