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January 2019

This year many changes are taking place in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  President Russell M. Nelson is very in tune with what the Lord has in store for His saint and has indicated that there will be more changes to come. Starting this year, President Nelson with the First Presidency and other leaders of the Church have made the following changes.  Sunday church will only be two hours long.  There will be Sunday School two weeks of the month and Relief Society/Priesthood/Young Men & Women's the other two weeks.  We are instructed to use the extra hour to improve our study time individually and as families.  There is a new curriculum for the home called, "Come Follow Me" that aligns with Sunday School and Primary so that we are all studying about the same thing.  I believe that we are being prepared for the last days when we must have a strong testimony in order to survive the trials which will be coming. Another change is that we are instructed