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Snow, Snow, Snow

This year we got a ton of snow (although the weather people say that we still don't have enough in the mountains to fill our reservoirs).  It snowed, and then the snow just stayed and stayed.  Usually here we get a snow storm and then it melts, but this year we had snow on the ground the entire winter.

Bubba had lots of fun playing in the snow, he made a snowman and lots of snow angels.

The snow got so heavy that we started to have problems.   The awning over our deck started to collapse, so Kim braced it up.

 The awning over Robin's parking lot collapsed damaging all three of her cars!

Kim got nervous and shoveled the snow off our carport -  it was 2 1/2 feet deep.

The pile of snow next to my dad's driveway was over 7 feet high! It has been a snowy winter - and I think that I am ready for spring!