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Where Did the Summer Go?

Apparently all my concentration lately has been directed at studying and working and studying, (did I mention studying?). Yesterday, I looked outside and realized that it is August! Where did the summer go? Summer is my very favorite time of the year. I love walking in bare feet, backyard bbq's, quick trips to the canyon, swimming at the pool and all of the other fun activities that warm weather brings. This year, I have done none of that! What was I thinking - starting college in summer semester? I must have been crazy!

Here is the good news - I not only survived but did pretty darn good for an old lady who hasn't studied for years and years! I'm very happy with my grades, and even more than that, I'm very happy to be learning again. I like exercising my brain. This semester without a doubt was the hardest thing I have ever done (with the obvious exception of losing BJ). I worked harder than I have ever worked before - in fact, Tasha said that I was becoming a "st…