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Forgotten Carols

What a GRAND pre-Christmas surprize! Tasha and Shandra made arrangements and bought tickets for our family to see Micheal McLean's Forgotten Carols!
We have gone to see the Forgotten Carols several times as a family in the past and each time we are inspired and awed by the performance. I feel that this production is a perfect way to start off the holiday season and was feeling a little disappointed that we weren't going to be able to make it this year. Kim and I were thrilled and suprised when the girls presented us with the tickets! Micheal McLean is a wonderful lyricist and composer who has a knack for creating songs that touch your heart in many ways. I think that my favorite song from the production is entitled, "Arise and Shine Forth". It is a beautiful song of our Savior. I found this video of the song. (You will have to scroll down and pause my playlist in order to hear it)

We had a WONDERFUL evening! Enjoyed great music, shed a few tears, and laughed until our…

Needful Things Mini Boutique

My sister, Roxane, is the most creative, talent, and artistic person I know. Her home is beautifully decorated and she is always working on some incredible project to either enhance the beauty of her home, give as a gift, teach skills to a friend, or make a little money. Recently she decided that since her mind is always running over with more ideas than she had avenues to share she would open her own mini boutique in her home. Many of her friends are also terribly talented and creative also, so together they have formed quite a nice variety of items available.
Rox's boutique is entitled "Needful Things" and she is having an open house Saturday, December 6 from 10:00 until 7:00 at her home. If you are interested, please let me know and I will give you directions. I guarantee it will be worth your while! If you can't make the open house, it will be open any time that she is home!

Here is a small sample of the items in her boutique.

There are many items such as vinyl w…

A Microwave Tale

Once upon a time, in the year 1983, we decided that our lives were prosperous enough that we could afford to enrich our home with the purchase of a microwave oven. I'll never forget the excitement I felt as we opened the box! BJ was just six months old and we had been heating his bottles on the stove. How I loved setting the bottle in the microwave, pushing just a couple of buttons, and then, viola! Only seconds later his milk was warm enough to drink! No more pacing around the kitchen for what seemed like hours waiting for the stove to heat those bottle! It was thrilling.

Truthfully, I did enjoy this microwave for more than just bottles. We soon were cooking vegetables (Kim's fav? Broccoli with melted cheese), thawing out meat, and heating water for a cup of hot chocolate. Rarely a day went by without its use. Along with the microwave we received eight books with microwave recipes. We tried out many of the recipes, including one for banana bread, which was awful! To this day I…