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San Diego Part 2

Saturday afternoon Ashley, Mark, and Tristan joined us.  They had a room just down the hall from us and Kalel and Tristan were constantly running back and forth between rooms.  They were pretty much inseparable during the next 5 days!
There was a really nice grill on the patio just outside the condo so we cooked up some burgers.

We had such fun each night playing fun games.  Our favorite:
We laughed and laughed and laughed!  Ashley is so funny!  Every time she would match someone she would say, "ooo, ooo, ooo" and spread her arms wide while she tried to come up with an answer.  Then she would start waving her arms as she described the item she was trying to name.  Of course this caused her opponent to immediately lose all ability to think, so Ashley would win the card (if she gave the right answer - many times her answer was not even close!)

Mark laughed so hard at his wife that he started crying!  It was almost more fun to watch Mark!
 All of us had a tough time thinking …

San Diego, Part 1

Thanks to the generosity of Tasha and Zane we spent an absolutely fabulous week in San Diego.  I'm so glad that Shandra and Kalel could go with us, and that Ashley, Mark, and Tristan could join us a few days later.

We started out our trip by arriving in good time at the airport.  Unfortunately there was a delay because one of the flight attendants had a medical problem - EMT's even responded - and the airline had to find a replacement.  Apparently it isn't easy to find replacement flight attendants on short notice!  We ended up taking off two hours late!  Poor Kalel, his mother had given him Dramamine for the flight, and it made him so drowsy that he fell asleep right on the floor of the airport!

 We finally arrived, got our rental car (upgraded to a Ford Escape) and headed down the coast We arrived just in time to for Tasha to get off work, so we dropped off our bags at the condo, and met Tasha and Zane at Fuddruckers for dinner.  After dinner we drove back to Tasha'…