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Olsen Family Christmas Party

Our annual Olsen Family party was a blast - as always!  The Olsen clan really knows how to bring out the big guns when it comes to fun!  Barb's family was in charge this year and we held the party at the Mantua Church.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here is what I have.
Kim appears to be raring to go with his "Let's Party" shirt!  I'm not sure why I took this picture of him looking grumpy because he wasn't!

We played several fun games including Bingo with great prizes.  Kim was the big winner, but that could have been because he was using 3 Bingo cards while the rest of us were only using 1.  Luckily, he was generous and shared all of his prizes.

We had a baked potato bar - always a favorite!  We were excited that Craig, Dave, and Joan all felt good enough to attend and that part of the "California Olsens", Abby and Alec were able to join us for the first time. The Olsen party is always a great way to kick off the Christmas Season

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving this year was spent at Ashley and Mark's house.  Mark did most of the cooking and it was marvelous!    It was a small group this year.  Only Mark, Ashley, Tristan, Cory, Robin, and Corbin,Kim, Kalel, my dad, and I.  

 The "three amigos" had a fun time hanging out together.  I had made a vow not to go Black Friday shopping until it was actually Friday.  However, my sisters begged, pleaded, coerced, and finally talked me into to going with them.  Yes, I'll admit it, I caved.  The biggest reason that I gave in was because I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving with my family.  My sisters reminded me that they were all leaving and so the "family time" wouldn't happen.  I did want to spend time with my sisters, so I gave in.  No, I'm not proud of myself.
However, we did have a great time shopping, as usual. We spent way too much money, had way too much fun, got too little sleep, but got everything purchased and wrapped.  

True confession:  I abs…