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Thanksgiving and Black Friday

It was my turn to work Labor and Delivery on Thanksgiving this year, so I wasn't able to attend a family dinner.  I missed all of the family togetherness, but the hospital fed us a very nice turkey dinner while we were at work.

Robin, Ashley and Kenzie started their Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I have a hard time starting my shopping on Thanksgiving and making people give up their holiday just for shoppers so after work I drove to our motel and took a nap.  The girls came back to the motel, dropped off a load of shopping bags, and picked me up to start my shopping at about midnight.

Before we checked out of the motel, we decided to go for a refreshing swim in the pool.  Suddenly we decided to show off our "skills" and perform a synchronized swimming routine.  True - none of us has ever done any synchronized swimming previously, but that didn't stop us from performing a marvelous show!

We had such a great time, and accomplished all of our Chris…