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Southern California 2013 - Part 8

Last day at condo, back to San Diego Our final day at the condo we just relaxed and enjoyed the condo.  We spent some more time swimming, playing volleyball in the water with a beach ball (no worries, none of us have aspirations of professional beach ball careers!)  To put it quite bluntly – we stunk!  But we laughed a lot and had a great time! We played a game of the Disney version of Apples to Apples.   Kalel couldn't read all of the words so we played by the pictures.  He is a quite the competitor!    Then we loaded up the car for our drive back to the San Diego.  Unfortunately, when we were ready to leave, Tasha got her finger shut in the car door!  Finally on our way back to San Diego and to the Hunzeker’s apartment.   Since Zane had an early, exciting day in the morning at his first day of work, we headed to bed early. Tasha and Zane’s apartment was very cute, but they were seriously lacking in the furniture and lighting department!  They had thei