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September 2018

Shandra has been living with only a concrete floor since her water heater went out and water has been leaking under the flooring.  When Kim and I were shopping for the flooring for our bathroom, we found some nice flooring that was on clearance and we bought it for Shandra's birthday.  We  (ok, Kim and Hayden) installed the floor over Memorial Day.  I had the very rough job of babysitting while Shandra helped the boys.  I know - it was a tough job, but someone had to watch the beautiful, little princess and her helpful, adorable brother.  Unfortunately, I failed to get any pictures of Shandra's new floor.  It looks wonderful!  She actually pulled out the carpet in the living room and had enough flooring to do both the kitchen and the living room.

Peach Days was fun this year.  The California Olsens were here to join in the celebration.  Kalel was so cute!  Instead of spending all of his time gathering candy at the parade, he helped Zachary get candy.  He also was a great babys…