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Nothing Was As It Seemed

Last night I was the end of an experience that until recently I never thought that I would have - let alone willingly! Quite a while ago I decided that it would be fun to get my CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) certificate. I knew that as part of the course I would need to do several hours doing "clinicals". Since I work in a doctor's office, I erroneously assumed that I would be able to complete the clinicals in my office. No, I discovered, the clinicals needed to be completed at a long-term care facility, aka "nursing home". OH NO! I have never felt comfortable in nursing homes! And I certainly didn't want to work three, long, 8-hour shifts in one! Of course, in order to complete the course I had to comply. Since my mom spent most of the summer in a local rehab facility that seemed very nice, I decided to endure my time at that same facility. I dreaded the experience for months!!!! Not only did I have to sacrifice my happiness to fulfill the requirements

I Love this Thought!

"...we must be careful, as we seek to become more and more godlike, that we do not become discouraged and lose hope. Becoming Christlike is a lifetime pursuit and very often involves growth and change that is slow, almost imperceptible. The scriptures record remarkable accounts of men whose lives changed dramatically, in an instant... But we must be cautious as we discuss these remarkable examples. Though they are real and powerful, they are the exception more than the rule. For every Paul, for every Enos, and for every King Lamoni, there are hundreds and thousands of people who find the process of repentance much more subtle, much more imperceptible. Day by day they move closer to the Lord, little realizing they are building a godlike life. They live quiet lives of goodness, service, and commitment. They are like the Lamanites, who the Lord said "were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost, and they knew it not." (3 Ne. 9:20; italics added.)"--Ezra Taft Benson,