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Brigham City Temple Open House #1

It is finished!  Our little town of Brigham City actually has a temple!  What a fantastic and wonderful blessing to those of us living here.  The temple open house runs from August 18 through September 15, and during that time they are anticipating over 300,000 visitors!  I have the opportunity to serve as a volunteer for three different 5-hour shifts.  My first shift I put shoe covers on peoples feet before they entered the temple to protect the carpeting and then I spent time at the  South Gate where my duties included answering questions and taking pictures for the people visiting.  I look forward to my next two shifts, and whatever duties they assign me.

Today I got to the see beautiful inside with Kim, Shandra and Kalel, Kim's mom, my dad, and my friend Rondi.  I am overwhelmed by the beauty!  They have incorporated Brigham City's logo, peaches, in many, many places.  The detail work is absolutely phenomenal!
Kalel imitating the Angel Moroni We had a marvelous time.  I am…