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Lunch with the Police

One day after school Shandra and I took Bubba and my nephew Corbin to lunch at Burger King.  We all had a great time, sitting on the tall chairs, sharing our french fries, and learning all about sheep and goats (of which the boys were experts thanks to their school project).

About midway through lunch we noticed that several policemen were meeting at Burger King for lunch.

Since the opportunity rarely becomes available, and since I wanted the boys to understand what policemen do as well as to learn to respect and not fear them, I got brave and asked if one of them would be willing to come to our table and talk to the boys.  Of course both Bubba and Corbin got extremely shy when the officer came over, but he was very kind and told them all about his duties and how it is his job to ensure that people are safe.  Then he invited another officer over to talk with us.  The second officer is a K-9 officer and he told us all about his dog and how he is a master at sniffing out drugs.

Then, …

December Fun!

Saturday was the annual Olsen Family Christmas party.  The Rasmussens were in charge this year, and a good time was had by all!.

Dinner was a baked potato bar and salads - one of my favs!

The kids ran and ran and ran - they had so much fun!  After dinner we had a game of Christmas Bingo.  Kalel got the very first Bingo - he was so excited!  He also got the third bingo.  Obviously he had a terrific card!

After bingo we had a snowball fight!  It was just crazy!

After the party, since the weather was still nice, Kim, Kalel, and I drove over to the Brigham City temple to see the nativity scene.  It was very simple and beautiful.

 It is so wonderful to have a temple so close!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I am truly grateful for all of the many, many blessings in my life.  I am so grateful for my Savior who made it possible that I may have the opportunity to be with my son (as well as my mom and father-in-law) after this life.  I thank God every single day for my fantastic family and for my wonderful friends.  I am so thankful that I live in a country where freedoms abound - and the list goes on and on.  I try each and every day to have an "attitude of gratitude".  It is awesome that each year we have a day set aside to spend with our family and friends, giving thanks and remembering the blessings that we have - not to mention the FOOD!  I LOVE the Thanksgiving feast, and look forward to it for weeks before. That said - my Thanksgiving this year did not necessarily reflect my gratitude attitude I am afraid.  Yes, it was fantastic that we could gather together with the Olsen clan.  Tasha and Zane joined us and Zanes parents and sister came also.  The food was terrific!   Howev…