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Overcoming Trials

A few weeks ago, Bishop Wilding asked me to give a talk on “Overcoming Trials”. I reluctantly agreed, and soon began writing my talk. I started researching the subject by reading conference talks by several General Authorities. They had many words of wisdom on the subject, and I learned a lot. However, as I started putting my thoughts on paper (ok, it was the computer, not
paper!) the words began to tell the very personal story of BJ’s death. I tried to steer back to the wonderful conference talks, but again I found myself writing about my own personal story. I decided to pray about it and to ask the Lord to help me write the talk where I could share the message that He wanted me to share.

Apparently, He wanted me to bare my entire sole and share all of the things that I had tried to forget about the year after BJ died. When it was finished, I asked Kim to read it,
because I was worried that it would come across as a just a personal story and
not as anything of value to the audie…