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Thought - punishment for sin?

I just had a thought that I want to record.  How often in life do we hear (or are guilty of ourselves) that people assume that if we do what is right then our lives will be smooth with no bumps or lumps.  Or, if we are struggling with challenges or trials we chastise ourselves, assuming we are being punished for some sin that we have committed.

Yes, we do read in the scriptures about the times that the Lord punishes whole groups of people who were wicked.  But I'm not talking about these things - these people were truly wicked, murderers, adulterers, and persecuting faithful saints.

What I am talking about is those of us who are good, kind people who for the most part are trying to do what is right.  Yet we make mistakes and then assume we are being justly punished for the mistakes when life deals us lemons.  For example, years ago a loved one was about to undergo extensive surgery.  The entire family had a day of fasting prior to the surgery.  I don't remember what excuse I …

A Huge Accomplishment

I DID IT!For most of my adult life I have had a secret.  I have always felt that I was missing something important in my life, but I didn't miss it enough to do anything about it. Whenever anyone mentioned that they had completed college with a bachelor's degree I was GREEN with envy.  However,  I felt that I was successful without it, and it never felt like it was the right time to pursue the degree.
Now, here I am, older than dirt, but I have finally achieved my secret desire.  I have earned a BSN, Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.  WOW!  I'm overwhelmed to think that I am officially a college graduate!   I will not have the actual diploma until the end of April, I can't wait to frame it and display it proudly!
So, here is the weird thing.  Since I am enrolled in a program where I ultimately will have a master's degree in nursing education and have been working on the master's part concurrently with the bachelor's work, I am not as excited about earning …