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October 2019

Sister's Retreat
We started the month off in grand fashion, with a Sister's Retreat!  This time we went to Wolf Creek.  I am so glad that we started the tradition of our sister's retreats, it has been so good for us to stay connected and appreciate each other.  Our personalities are so much the same, but yet we have many, many differences, I feel that it is vitally important to foster our family relationships.  Julie was not able to join us this time as she had an assignment in Hawaii.  She was able to take her family, so we forgave her for missing our weekend.

The weekend once again was filled with lots of goodies, games, and laughter.  For some reason when I am with these ladies I can't seem to stop laughing, often so hard that I start to cry!  Once again Rox was in charge of the craft.  I loved it!  It was a Halloween wall hanging that we colored and then hand-stitched the outlines.  It was really cute.  We took Rox out for her birthday at the cutest, little restaur…