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Christmas Eve with the Duerden Family

Christmas Eve was a ton of fun this year!  We met at Robin's house.  Everyone was there except Rylee's husband, Justin, and Jaxon.  Cory cooked a wonderful turkey dinner, Rox made a yummy asparagus salad, Mark made homemade pies, and of course we had mom's traditional pistachio pudding salad.  
After dinner we settled in for some fun games.  We played "Draw Your Neighbor" and then we sang the "12 Days of Christmas" with family members acting out parts corresponding with their birthdays.  (The pictures are blurry because I took them from video, but trust me it was hilarious!)
Rox brought a really fun game called "Right, Left, Center".  Every one had 3 dollars in front of them and then passed them to the person on the right, to the person on the left, or to the center according to the roll of the dice.  Even the kids were able to play and enjoy the game!  We had a great time. There was a winner on each of three tables.  I won on the first (YEA …