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Miracles - Medical and Otherwise

Kim's sister, Barb, is married to a great guy.

Ron has had health problems that has resulted in end-stage kidney failure.  This past year he was put on the list for a donor kidney.

Ron's daughter, Natalie, is also married to a great guy.

Jared unselfishly tested and surprisingly found that he was a match.

Yesterday Jared gave Ron a kidney.  What an incredible gift!  Today when we visited we found them in adjoining rooms challenging each other to walking races down the hall and to see who could pass gas first.  Amazing!

I am in awe of such generosity.  I'm in awe of the miracle of medicine that makes it possible to take a healthy organ from one person and place it in another body to give it a chance at a healthy life.  I'm in awe of the coincidence* that Natalie just happened to fall in love and marry the one person who could save her father's life.

WOW!  Truly miracles happen!

*PS, I don't believe in coincidences