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Games, Games, Games

Saturday we had a GAME DAY- all day long! It was so great! Our friends, Steve and Cynthia Steele along with Tanissa, Tori, Sheryce, and babies drove up from Syracuse and Mont and Marilyn Parrish and family all joined us for the fun.
We just got a new game called "Walk the Dog". I'm sure we looked pretty silly - six adults sitting around playing with toy dogs - but it really is fun! I just had a party with SimplyFun games, and ended up with tons of new games. We had a fantastic time trying out all of the new games. In fact, Cynthia (the absolute QUEEN of game playing) enjoyed SimplyFun so much she just had to sign up as a demonstrator! She will be perfect for this new job. GO CYN!I just LOVE playing games! I like board games, card games, dice games, drawing games, word games - you name it and I love it!

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This is a picture of my dear friend Daniel Waters and his wife Rochelle in April 2007. Daniel is from Georgia and five years ago he was here serving a mission. We got to be good friends when we invited him and his companion for dinner.

After his mission, Daniel returned to Georgia, met his lovely wife, got married and had a beautiful little girl. He then joined the Air Force and ended up getting stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho (only five hours away). This picture is at Rodizio Grill where we went to celebrate them living close enough to visit!

What a great memory!

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