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Roller Coaster Emotions

I never have a been a great fan of roller coasters - I know that they can be thrilling at times, but other times the rapid, constant ups and downs tend to make me nauseous.    My life right now feels like I am stuck on a roller coaster - and my emotions can't seem decide whether they want to be up or down.

The previous post talks about the passing of my father-in-law Ross.  3 days after Ross passed away, I took my last two finals of nursing school.  Whew!  After two very long years, hundreds of hours of studying, gaining 40 pounds from stress, and shedding millions of tears of frustration, I am finally finished with nursing school!  I came out of my tests feeling like a thousand pound weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!  The relief of completing something so difficult is pretty much overwhelming!  Needless to say, I left the school feeling like I could walk on air and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.
However, as soon as I got home from school, it was time t…

My New Kitchen

It all began as an idea for a Christmas gift.  Shandra came up with the idea and recruited Kim and Tasha to join in.  For some reason, they believed that I needed a new kitchen floor.  Could it be that they didn't like the look of the duct tape holding the linoleum in place?

Shandra picked out absolutely beautiful flooring, and I got all excited to start installing it.  But WAIT!  As I started looking around the rest of the kitchen - this is what I saw.  Green cabinets with disgustingly filthy handles and brown laminate counter tops with several burn mark scars.
This cabinet lost a door several years ago!  Kim said that we were starting a new trend, but I didn't agree!

I have always hated that fact that my counter top space was so limited, and oft times things got lost in this pantry.

Of course I couldn't put new flooring in a kitchen in such a pathetic state, so we marched right down and ordered new cabinets, counter tops, a new fridge (because the old one wouldn't …

The End of a Great Life

I am most fortunate to have married into one of the greatest families in the world!  Ross and Joan have always loved and treated me just as if I were their "daughter" and not an "in-law".  I do not believe there are kinder people in the world than Ross and Joan.  I can't remember a family party or holiday in which there were not extra "family members" attending.  The extras were neighbors, friends, extended family, or family of the in-laws.  For many, many years my parents and sisters joined with the Olsens for a combined Thanksgiving.

Family has always been first and foremost with Ross and Joan.  And nothing makes them happier than to have family members hanging around the house.  They have always been great examples to me!  They are still in love after almost 63 years of marriage!  I am so privileged to be part of their family!
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 Ross quietly passed away surrounded by all of his children, spouses, and most of his grandchil…