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September Challenge Day #14--Find your favorite “somethings” and record a little bit about them!

One of my very favorite "somethings" is this moose Christmas blanket that BJ gave to me the Christmas before he died.  He knew that I was crazy for moose, and was SO excited to give it to me that he was almost jumping out of his skin when I was opening it!  I love to wrap up in this blanket at Christmas time and remember how good his hugs feel.  BJ's hugs are really special.  Pretty much you feel as though your ribs were being crushed - and very safe and loved at the same time.
Another favorite of mine is my "daisy wall".  The photos are pictures that I took of my very own daisies in my front yard.  The vinyl above says "He who laughs. Lasts".  That is one of my favorite sayings because I am a firm believer that laughter truly is the best medicine.  Shandra once pointed out that every vinyl saying in my house has something in it about laughter - hmmmm, think it is a coincidence?  Another one of favorites is painted toenails.  (I seriously considered…

September Challenge Day #13--What are 5 things you have (or almost have) perfected? What are 5 things you are far from perfect in?

Things I have perfected (or almost):
Drinking Dr. Pepper - I have it down perfectly - I rarely miss a day!Googling - I can pretty much google the answer to any question.  I feel so wise!  Before google I probably didn't know anything!Multi-tasking - I can't seem to do any one thing at a time.  Have you see this?     It describes me perfectly!  I don't bake many things, but I do bake pretty good brownies!Going to school - Since going to school has been my life for the last 5 years, I believe that I have pretty much perfected it!  
Things I am far from getting perfect: My eyelashes - I swear that I must be all thumbs when it comes to doing my eyelashes!  One would think that after a lifetime of putting on mascara I could do it without getting it into my eyes, or smearing it on my skin, or just plan making a mess.  However, almost every day it is another day in messiness!  So, I decided I would try switching to the press-on false lashes, however I can't seem to put them on …

September Challenge Day #12--How are things different now from when you were a kid?

Things are SO different now than when I was growing up!  Of course, we all know that I grew up in the dinosaur age, before there was even dirt, so change is inevitable, right?

Here is a list of a few things that were different:

There were more kids playing outside.  We didn't have computers or handheld games so we entertained ourselves by playing outside.  In the summer we left the house first thing in the morning and didn't come home until dinner time.  The world wasn't as scary, we never worried about kidnappings or any other other evil befalling us.  Of course we didn't have cell phones so when it was time to come home mom didn't text or call us.  She stood on the porch and yelled our names.  We could hear her from anywhere in the neighborhood!

September Challenge Day #11--Make a timeline of your life!


September Challenge Day #10--What are some addictions that you have?