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Donny & Marie

Fun date for Kim and I!  On the day after Christmas we hopped the Frontrunner train and rode to Salt Lake.  Riding the Frontrunner was so nice!  On the train we could just relax, no worrying about traffic or the weather.  Since it was snowing, I especially enjoyed the ride, since I normally panic anytime I am driving in snow!
 We caught Trax and headed to the new City Creek Mall, we did a little sightseeing and grabbed some treats at Kneaders.  The view of the Salt Lake Temple from the mall was incredible!
 From the mall we walked across the street and spent some time at Temple Square to see the lights.  We haven't been to Temple Square for several years, so it was very nice to wander around and take in the beautiful lights, listen to the recorded Christmas Story message, and see and hear all of the wonderful displays and messages in the visitor's center.
Later that evening, Jodi and Dave Wilding met us and we headed to a wonderful sandwich shop called Nauvoo in the Joseph S…

Christmas 2012

I was just a little nervous about Christmas this year because it was the first Christmas without my mom and Kim's dad.  I wasn't sure if our traditions would be altered in big ways, or if we could still do things the same without them.  I really didn't need to worry!  Celebrations and traditions continued this year - yes we felt the absence of mom and Ross, but it felt natural to go on celebrating Christ's birth knowing that they were there with us, in spirit only. The Christmas celebrations began for me with Sacrament Meeting on December 23rd.  That was the day that our ward choir shared their talents in celebrating the birth of Christ.  "My" choir was absolutely wonderful!  And the day was even better because Shandra, Tasha, and Zane were all there to hear it!
Kim's sisters and nieces provided great amounts of service to ensure that the traditional Christmas decorations were in place, especially Joan's Christmas village under her tree.  Hours and h…