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Last Visit for a Long While

Our dear friends, Daniel, Rachelle, Mikayla, and Conner stopped by on their way from Mt. Home, Idaho to Key West, Florida. It has been so nice to have them living a mere 5 hours away instead of in Georgia - but now they are moving so far away that I am afraid that our visits will be very few and far between.
Lou was so very kind - she treated us all to a yummy dinner at Maddox! Afterwards we hung out late laughing and playing games. I love to listen as Daniel sings, he has an absolutely wonderful voice. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, he is a great example for me. I knew from the moment I met him that he would be someone special in my life. Rachelle is one of the most beautiful people I know - both inside and out. I feel that we were sisters in heaven. Mikayla and Conner are so adorable and friendly. I'm going to miss them!