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Week in Review 1/1/17 Happy New Year!

The Week after Christmas

Monday - Kim and I helped Marilyn clean their new house in Mantua.  They will be renting it for the next few months.  Mont is leaving soon to head to Dallas, but Marilyn and Marshall will be here until July when she finishes her internship.  Their "new" house is 100 years old and has some great character, but it needed some serious cleaning.  Unfortunately Mont was really sick and couldn't join us.  We took a break for lunch and had burgers at the new Mantua store which is only four houses away from their house.  The burgers were GREAT!  We will definitely eat there again!.

Tuesday - Shandra and Jason rode with us and Tasha and Zane met us in Salt Lake for dinner at Applebees before we headed to the Desert Start to watch "Nutcraker, Men in Tights".  I was hoping the the guys would enjoy the play, and they did!  It was really funny and everyone absolutely loved it!  I'm so glad.  The grandkids were at the other parents and none of us …