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Weddings, Flowers, and Kisses

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the wedding of our niece, Stephanie. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. Weddings in the Olsen family are incredible to say the least. The preparation, execution, and take down are performed in a manner that mimics the mechanics of a well-oiled machine! About 30 hours before the event, the family begins their magic which includes loading the props into the truck, set-up of all backdrops, tables, chairs, fences, lights, benches, etc. Tablecloths are ironed, and flowers and fabric are strategically placed. In the family we have experts at tying bows, arranging flowers, food preparation, and tons and tons of decorating savvy. In addition, we have cake decorators for the perfect cake. We have hair stylists to make the bride look like a princess. There are lots of men and boys ready to carry, shift, move, serve, and fetch. It is amazing to behold! After the seemingly magical transformation of a cultural hall or a backyard into a magnificent p

I’m an Organ Donor, Are You?

Five minutes after he got his drivers license BJ asked me if I was an organ donor . When I explained that I had always felt very strongly in favor of organ donation, he got all excited and said, “me too!” He was so proud of the words, “organ donor” on his drivers license. Numerous times, seemingly out of nowhere, he would bring up the subject of organ donations – often chastising whoever he was talking to if they indicated that they didn’t have those magical words on their licenses. One day just over four years ago, BJ and were in the car together and he said, “mom, you know that if anything ever happens to me, I want my organs donated .” I replied that I did know that, and I reminded him that I felt the same way if anything should happen to me. Our conversation then turned to other things. Little did I know at that time that less than two weeks later BJ would be able to get his chance at being an organ donor . It was almost comical to watch Susan, the nurse, timidly approach us on