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Drops of Awesome

Throughout my life I have been plagued with that nagging voice in my head that reminds me that no matter how good I do something it is never good enough.  If I cook dinner (yes it does happen on rare occasion!) and I start feeling good about myself the voice pipes up with things like:

So, you made dinner!  Big deal - you didn't make it yesterday, or the day before, or even last week!  Cooking dinner once is no big deal - and if it follows history the dinner probably doesn't even taste very good and no one will like it!

When I make time to visit my dad I hear:

Oh how sweet, you grudgingly gave up a few extra minutes on your beloved computer.  Did you pay attention to what he was telling you?  Or did you spend the time muttering under your breath that he tells the same stories over and over again. You pay more attention to his lack of housekeeping skills than you do his talents! You don't go because you love to spend time with your dad - you only go because you feel obligated.…

Hurting Heart

Sometimes I just can’t stand it when I think about how badly the people I love are hurting.  I know and understand that we are given trials so that we can learn, grow, and especially learn to rely on the Lord for help and comfort.That makes sense (even though I don’t like it).However, my heart just hurts so much when I see people struggling with difficult situations – especially when there I can’t seem to find the time or the resources or understanding to help.It makes me wonder how the Lord can bear it, knowing that there are so very many people who are sad.With His expanded capacity to love, His heart must ache all of the time. I love these scriptures D&C 121:7-9  My son,peacebe unto thy soul; thineadversityand thine afflictions shall be but asmallmoment;   And then, if thouendureit well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thyfoes. Thyfriendsdo stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendlyhands.

D&C 24:8 -Be patient in afflicti…