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December 2018

The Olsen Family Christmas party is always tons of fun.  The Woodlands were in charge this year and it was a craft party.  They had several fun Christmas crafts like painting and assembling snowman ornaments, rock nativity sets, and Christmas eye-spy bottles.  For the little ones there was coloring pages and pipe cleaner activities. The California Olsens were able to attend for the first time in many years.  A great time was had by all.  Since all of the brothers and sisters were here, we got some great family pictures.  The first one is a common sight in the Olsen home - Kim and Douglas comparing their "pregnant" bellies.  We all agreed that they are both measuring about eight months!  Each year we thrilled that Joan is able to make it to the party, she surprises us all with her endurance! My dad never truly recovered from his pneumonia months ago.  He was pretty much bound to a wheelchair because he didn't have the strength and balance to stand on his own.  And,