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San Diego - Part 6: Mission Beach

More beach fun!  I just LOVE the beach!

Shandra and Tasha got matching cover-ups and performed the "Sisters" song for us. Tasha and Zane brought their boogie boards and we had a fabulous time riding the waves!

And all of the boys (and Tasha) loved playing the sand

Kim always has to find critters, and the beach is a great place to find sand crabs.
All too soon it was time to leave. When we got back to the condo, the boys wanted to go to the pool.  They found a couple of new friends that kept them entertained for hours while the adults enjoyed the cool air as we lounged at the poolside.

Why is it that no matter how long you get to spend on vacation it is never enough.  The week went by so fast!  And before we knew it we were giving hugs and saying good-byes (I HATE GOOD-BYES!)

San Diego - Part 5: Sea World

Sea World - one of my very favorite places in the world to visit.  I love the shows, the aquatic life, the "touch and feel" centers, and the rides.  And now, after this trip, I discovered that I love the food!

When we bought our tickets we discovered that we could get an all day dining pass for a good price.  And throughout the day we tried to eat enough to get our money's worth!  I'm sure that we all gained about 10 pounds in that one day!  But it was worth it.

Our favorite place to eat was at Cafe 64 where they make the most incredible hamburgers!  There was one burger called the Bacon & Bacon - you guessed it, it was smothered in bacon.  My favorite was the 64 burger, a hamburger smothered in pulled pork and then covered with coleslaw.  It was truly amazing!

While we were eating we had a bird start stalking our food.

 It didn't help that Ashley decided to try and feed it!
 It stayed with us throughout our entire meal, just staring at us and our food.  It…