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Christmas at the Condo

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. First and foremost, I was finished with finals so I could RELAX!!!!! Yeah! Second, due to scheduling conflicts, the only time we could do our annual December trip to the condo was actually on Christmas Eve - that was a total change of pace, but one that I think is worth repeating! Yes it was difficult to haul all of the gifts up and back, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. We had our Duerden family party at noon with a big dinner, gifts, and games and then headed to Wolf Creek. Shandra had to work until 5, so she arrived about an hour after the rest of us.
It was great! We read stories, watched Christmas movies, and made cookies for Santa. Tia (Tasha) and Bubba then escaped upstairs to sleep while Kim, Shandra, and I waited for Santa. We took up a tiny Christmas tree, so all of the presents went under the tree. (Actually, we placed the tree on top of the presents). It was funny because almost all of the presents this year were wrapped in Dr.…