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Wolf Creek, Celebrating BJ's Birthday

We decided to take some time off and head up to the Wolf Creek condo to celebrate BJ's birthday and also to rest and relax for a few days.  It was really hard that Tasha and Zane were not able to join us - the first time we haven't all been together for the birthday celebration.  However, we are so blessed to live in a time of great technology!  We were able to connect with them via Skype and the connection was wonderful!  It was almost as if they were in the same room with us - almost.
We set them up on a chair and they played Disney Charades with us.  It was really fun!  Kalel even was able to give his Tia a big hug!
We decided to watch some old home movies of when the kids were small and Tasha was even able to watch them with us - although she wasn't able to see them very clearly.

We always celebrate BJ's birthday by playing games because that was his very favorite thing to do.
Shandra and I both squeezed in a little time for homework while we were at the condo.  I…