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Week in Review 12/18/16

Monday morning I headed to work full of trepidation, still in shock to think that Sally would no longer be our leader.  Sue and I talked for a long time about the ramifications, but of course since we didn't have any information all we could do was speculate.  Finally we got a message that we were to go to the Salt Lake Campus for a meeting with the CEO of the company.  Finally we would get some answers.  Since the meeting was scheduled for afternoon, we called Sally and asked her if she would like to meet Sue and I for lunch before the meeting. It was great to talk to her.  She truly is a good friend.  She let us know how much she enjoyed working with us and let us know that she expected to be included in many lunches in the future.  I just love that lady. After lunch we headed to the meeting, which was actually very good.  The CEO told us that he wanted to know what our questions and concerns were and just opened up the floor.  Sue spoke up and said that she felt we a