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Color Vibe Run

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Who knew that a run could be so FUN? Saturday morning Cyn and I joined crazy girls, Heather, Jen, Jodi, and Mel in running the Color Vibe in Ogden.   Those four girls are CRAZY!  Since this was a fun run, they decided to dress up in white tutus and wear blonde wigs.
 The back drop of the race was beautiful with the mountains covered in the stunning colors of the autumn leaves.   We were told that white was the best color to wear to show the color.   Along the course there wear four color stations.  As we ran through the color stations, volunteers threw colored powder at us, literally covering us with color!
The course took us around the campus of Weber State University.  There were no flat areas, we were either going up or down hills the entire time.  The four ballerinas took off running, of course, but Cyn and I took our time, pretty much walking most of the way - perfect for me because I am so out of shape right now. The REAL fun began after the run.  Everyone gat…

The Love of Rocks

The other day I took my wonderful mother-in-law, Joan, to run some errands.  She is not able to get out much because she suffers from excruciating, debilitating, chronic back pain.  We stopped by my house to drop off some things.  She got out of the car and headed right over to the corner of the yard where we have a rock garden.  Kim and I created the rock garden several years ago from rocks that his parents had collected.  I knew that Kim's parents had spent most of their early years as "rock hounds", but I had never really thought much about the rocks we had gotten from them. It was truly a wonderful sight to see Joan look at the rocks.  To me, they were just rocks, but to her each one was a precious memory of times she had spent with her husband and good friends.  She knew the classification and type of each rock and the area where each was found.
Even though I know that she was experiencing great pain in her back, she would bend over time and time again picking up …