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Easter Weekend Fun

Whew! What a crazy week! It was filled with ups and downs, tons of work and tons of fun! In between all of the craziness, we started turning a bedroom into an office. But the best part of the week by far was the PARTIES!!!!
Friday night Mont & Marilyn joined Kim, Bubba and I for a great dinner at Moore's Cowpoke BBQ. We had a yummy feast of baby back ribs, halibut, pulled pork and all of the fixin's.

After we stuffed ourselves silly, we went to Roxane's house for a crazy night of games. Kevin and Julie met us there along with their adorable kids. We played a few hands of cards, then reverted to kids again and played "Sneaks" (a safer version of spoons). If that wasn't crazy enough, we then turned to "Rock Band". I'm pretty sure that there is nothing in the world more silly than watching mature? adults playing drums, guitar, and singing to old '80's songs. It was a riot!

Saturday we had the annual Olsen Family Easter Party complete wit…