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First Day of Summer Clinical Instruction

Despite the fact that I had to get up at 2:45 this morning in order to make it to the clinical on time, and the fact that I seem to be mainlining Dr. Pepper to stay awake, this day is going great!  Doing clinicals at a large hospital is certainly a great opportunity for the students, and they are learning so much!  The day has been very busy for all of the students and they have had the opportunity to participate in the care of many types of patients with differing needs.

I love seeing the students'  eyes light up when they get to participate in something new or exciting or when something  just "clicks" and they suddenly understand something that they didn't before

I remember when I was a nursing student and learning about all of the wonders of the human body.  My faith in God was strengthened each day as I learned how all of the intricate parts of the body all work independently and together to allow us to live, grow, and even die.  I just don't understand how …

Kalel's Special Days

The end of the school year brings programs to show family members just how much students have learned over the year.  This year Kalel had two special programs.

The first was a gymnastics demonstration of all of the tumbling skills he has learned this year.

Not bad for only six months in gymnastics!  I am really impressed at how fast he is learning!  I definitely believe he takes after his mother.

The next night Kalel got to participate in his school's "Celebration of Learning" where the kids showed off songs and things they have learned over the last few months.

 It is really fun that his cousin, Corbin, is in his class! They made a traveling suitcase out of a box and learned all about maps and traveling!  They even received a cookbook made up of recipes from friends and families all over the world!  Kalel loves his school, and he is learning so much!