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Raking Leaves

It is a sure sign of AUTUMN when the trees start looking like this . . . . And all of the yardsstart looking like this . . . .
And it takes lots of hard workto get piles of leaves like this . . . .But it is amazing that when you have a few strong guys like this . . .

And hard workers like these . . .

How much you can get done in just a short time! Our ward is absolutely amazing! Recently our bishopric has asked the members if they would join with them in becoming like the people of old who joined together to have barn raising's. So, we have had several service projects over the last few months - some very small and some large. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend many in the past due to scheduling conflicts, but I got to help this morning. This morning, in under two hours, we raked the leaves of every house in our ward boundaries! It is such a wonder what can be accomplished when a group of people join together to get something done. We piled big piles of leaves all along th…

Jodi's Contest and Give-A-Way

Hey, what a GREAT idea! For Jodi's 200th post, she talks about gratitude. It is a fantastic post on the importance of being grateful.

Along with good ideas, she is sponsoring a Give-A-Way! And the best part, the prize is fantastic chocolate!

To view her post as well as enter her contest, please go here.

Volleyball Fall 2008


Great Saturday

I had a GREAT Saturday. First of all it was November 1st - and it was perfect weather!

Jody was such a sport that she put up with my whining and only made me run 2.5 miles.

Our ward had the opportunity to play volleyball in a region tournament, which is fun, but the best part was that two of the teams in our pool play had to forfiet, so the only team we got to play was the 17th ward - a team we have played many times since they are in our stake, and we know and love all of the players! It was such a fun, fun game! (A fact that was made only slightly better since we WON!)

In the afternoon I got a well deserved nap with my adorable Kalel, and when we woke up we got to play. Kalel decided he wanted to be a cowboy with his Grandpa "Bob".

The very BEST part of the day - two wonderful friends brought me treats! First Heidi made me this delicious chocolate cake and pumpkin bars(notice two of the pieces are already missing).

and Jen and Janzen brought over this bottle of applesauce, stil…