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Week in Review 8/28/16

Whew!  What a whirlwind week!  It was fun, exciting, entertaining, horrifying, and thought provoking all mixed up together! The week started with a trip to St.George to see three plays at Tuacahn with Kim's sister, Jody, and her daughters, Mickel and Kristiann. Luckily I woke Monday morning with no stomach issues and just a little residual tired and weakness.  I made the entire car ride to St. George without incident - well at least no sickness incident.  I realized when we had traveled about 40 miles that I had forgotten my cell phone.  I seriously contemplated just leaving it and being phone-free for the trip, but decided that I couldn't make it, so we turned around and picked it up.  Great start, right? Actually the car trip was quite pleasant.  We put old musicals in the DVD and Jody and Mickel listened from the front seat while Kristiann and I watched in the back seat.  We watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, My Fair Lady, and Annie Get your Gun .  The three