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Celebrating BJ's Birthday

This year BJ's birthday celebration started with balloons. We took five balloons (I thought 5 for each one of us, Tasha and Shandra thought 5 for five years) up to the Mantua Cemetery. Imagine our surprise when we found that there was so much snow piled up that we couldn't get to his headstone without totally soaking ourselves, so we settled for stoping at the gate. We then all yelled, "Happy Birthday, BJ!" and let the balloons sail off towards heaven. Needless to say, Kalel loved it! There is just something amazing about watching balloons go higher and higher, soaring and seeming to dance as they rise.

We then headed to Chilli's for a fun dinner.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we got down to the serious business of playing games!

Several years ago we decided that we would always celebrate BJ's birthday by doing the things that we know he loved - and his very favorite was playing games. One of the favorite games of the entire family is "BLURT". In th…