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Bubba's Birthday

Two years ago our little Bubba made a surprise enterance into this world five weeks before we were expecting him.

He was so teeny! Only 4 lbs 4 oz.

It was amazing to me that something so small could be so perfect.

What a difference two years makes! He still is perfect (to grandma and grandpa at least) but he sure isn't teeny any more!

Bubba is now an official 2 yearold! Complete with adorable personality, multiple talents, and his very own attitude!

Of course he is the smartest kid ever! (Grandma's bragging rights) He knows all of the basic colors, he knows all of the animals and sounds, and he sings about 15 songs.

It is amazing the difference in his attitude on presents between Christmas and now. At Christmas, he would slowly tear off one little, tiny piece of wrapping paper and then walk it over to the garbage. He seemed to care more about the paper than the gifts. Somehow during the last few months he learned that presents are FUN! And he became really excited to open them. This …