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This Post is Brought to You by the Letter "P"

My friend, Jodi, is playing a letter game. She assigned me the letter

I am supposed to list 10 things that I like that start with the letter P. So, here goes (in no particular order):

Playing games I love to get to get together with anyone and everyone to play games. I love to play card games, board games, thinking games, word games, trivia games, and I love to play volleyball, and softball. I am looking forward to playing games with my family tonight in honor of BJ's birthday!

People Being a very social person who likes to play so much, it is a good thing that I like people! I love the people in my ward, my people friends (as opposed to the other kind), the people I work with, and the people who are patients at my office.

Dr. Pepper This better count as a P word, because it is my very favorite drink! (I believe the advertisements, if I continue drinking Dr. Pepper, I will one day look just like this model!)

Piano I don't play well, but I enjoy playing the piano and having my girls s…

BJ's Birthday

Today is BJ's birthday.
He would be 26 years old today. Here are some fun pictures and memories I have of him. (The information for the pictures are listed clockwise)

1) BJ was exactly two weeks old when we were sealed together for all eternity. It was such a special day! 2) Notice BJ’s cute little moccasins? Kim made them for him! 3) He was always such a ham! If he saw anyone with a camera, he would stop and grin for the camera! 4) BJ & Shandra. 5) He always had a smile! 6) BJ was a born with a “congenital hip” which meant that his hip socket wasn’t fully formed when he was born. He had to wear between 3 and 5 diapers at a time for several months to keep his legs apart. He always looked like his butt was huge!

1) His first shave. 2) Timothy Mini-hats, a mountain man who befriended BJ at a rendezvous. 3) Our little family. 4) My little man.

1) Performing with “Sunshine Generation”. 2) Soccer goalie. 3) Notice the number pinned to his briefs? He was imitating the body builders o…

Time Out For Women (Part 2)

Day two of Time Out For Women was just as wonderful as the first! The day started out with a challenge: We were to write down something that we know. What things in the gospel do we have a firm testimony of?

We then were so excited to have Kenneth Cope perform for us again. There are just no words to describe the power of his songs. In one of his songs he sings about Daniel in the lion's den and about the three men who were thrown in the fiery furnace. He sings, "You'll meet the Lord in the furnace a long time before you meet Him in the sky. You'll meet Him in your trials". How true is that? When we have troubles it humbles us so that we are more open to feeling His presence.

We next heard from Emily Watts who talked to us about fruit. She described how sometimes you bite into a piece of fruit that is not quite ripe. It is bitter and hard. It doesn't mean that it is bad fruit, it just means that it still needs time to become great. She reminded us that the frui…

Time Out For Women (Part 1)

What a weekend! I had opportunity to go to Deseret Book's Time Out For Women. In the past I had seen this advertised and noticed that there seemed to always be great speakers involved, but it was usually held in cities much too far for me to go. Consequently, when I saw that they were holding one just 30 minutes from my home, I literally jumped at the chance to go! I suspected that the event would be similar to a "mini" Women's Conference, and I was right. However, in some ways it was much better. It was not crowded and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Marilyn, Jodi, Julie and I went together. We went out to eat at Hug Hes before the event. I felt like having pasta, so I ordered Chicken Alfredo - sounds normal enough, right? No! The plate of Alfredo was enormous! In addition it came with a large bowl of the most yummy cream of chicken soup and another plateful of pasta! I took most of it home and was able to eat two more meals! We certainly got our money's worth t…