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Boise Temple

Friday afternoon Kim, his brother Dave, and I attended the a session at the Boise Temple. Several years ago we drove by this temple but were not able to attend, and at that time both Kim and I remarked how beautiful it was. Seeing it up close today just confirmed our original thoughts. The Boise Temple is gorgeous! The gray stone and spires are breathtaking.

During the session I was struck with the fact that no matter how beautiful the temple's physical attributes are, the real beauty lies in the way I feel while inside. The layout of this temple is quite different than any other I have visited, however once I entered I was immediately filled with the same feeling of peace that I have felt in every temple. I love the feeling of familiarity of the work that is being done there, and it is so comforting to know that all over the world, the it is the same. I love the fact that once you step through the doors you feel that you leave the "world" outside and become enveloped in…

Food for Thought Friday

Breakfast: Who will you be thinking mostly about this Memorial Day?BJ obviously. I also am thinking about (and praying for) my friends who have also lost sons.Lunch: What are your Memorial Day traditions?For the last 15 years Kim and his brother Dave have been attending a 3-day woodcarving jamboree over Memorial Day. I tag along and camp out in the motel room for some serious scrapin’ and “me” time.Dinner: How many graves do you usually visit on Memorial Day?Only oneMidnight Snack: What is one thing you hope to remembered for?I hope that I am remembered for making people laugh.

Recipe of the Week
(instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)
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