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Remodeling Update

I have been very neglectful in posting because . . . Ta Da! . . . among other things I have been spending time sitting in and enjoying my NEW family room!  Hooray!  I need to do just a little bit of touch-up painting, hide the TV cords, build shelves and of course a lot of cleaning up of tools and stuff (that needs to wait until the next phase is completed).

I cannot express my joy in having this perfectly wonderful space!  I LOVE the colors that I chose, it makes me feel so warm and cozy,

Here are pictures with actual furniture in the room:

 Next up is tackling the living room and entry way.  We decided to remove the wood paneling that has covered the east wall since we moved in.  Ashley, Tristan, and Bubba were all very helpful in making sure that all of the nails were removed.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that there was a gas fireplace insert under the paneling!  We had suspected that there might be a box cut out for a fireplace, but this has everything, the logs, the …