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It just so happened that Tasha's graduation and my commencement ceremony were on the same night. We were both getting our Associate of Science Degrees. Since we obviously couldn't attend both ceremonies, I decided that I would forgo mine and attend hers. The decision wasn't very difficut for several reasons. First of all, Tasha has completed what she set out to do, to complete her Associate's and begin her practice as a massage therapist. In addition, my commencement was actually scheduled three weeks prior to completely the semester, so I wasn't sure that I would even earn my degree! Also, I have not completed my program yet, an Associate's is just a stepping stone. Besides that, I am so very proud of her, how could I miss this special occasion to celebrate with her. It was such as great ceremony! As the graduates walked in they were accompanied by bagpipes! The speakers were all very good, and they kept their remarks brief. Kalel loved all of the clapping, he…

Food 4 Thought Friday

Breakfast What is something hanging over your head this week?Getting my final paperwork ready and taking the TEAS test.Lunch Name at least five things you do that you are proud "well-pleased" of.(In no particular order)I HAVE MY ASSOCIATES DEGREE!I have a family who enjoys spending time together.I read my scriptures every morning and try to live my life accordingly.I am someone who has many friends.Ummm, I’m sure that there is something else, but I can’t think of anything right now!

DinnerWhat is something you are always wanting to do, but never seem to be able to.
Right now I am thinking that clean the house is a good answer!

Midnight Snack What is your best way to cope with stress.My best way to cope with stress is to dive into anything chocolate with a Dr. Pepper in one hand and a “Cinderella” book in the other.
Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?) Looking forward to some catch-up time, hopefully getting my house somewhat in ord…