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December 2017

December was a GREAT month!  Marilyn Parrish flew out from Texas to stay with Maddie while she was recovering from shoulder surgery.  It was so wonderful to talk with her.  She truly is one of the most fabulous ladies I know, and I am so blessed to call her a friend.  I miss her and Mont terribly, but we had a great visit.

We took a trip up to the condo at Wolf Creek and just relaxed for a few days.  Somehow I forgot to get any pictures while we were there.  I must be getting old and senile, why else would I forget to take pictures?  Actually, we had a great surprise that may have rattled my brain just a little.  Kalel was so cute, he made Kim and I both sit down, and then puffed up his chest and announced, "my mom is pregnant"!  You could tell he was extremely excited about the prospect of being a big brother!  Shandra and Hayden are expecting a new little bundle in July.  Apparently Kalel has known for almost a month and hasn't told anyone!  That is amazing!  Kim and I…