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Boys are So Much Fun!

Today is my last day off for a long while (school starts again next week) so I invited my sisters and their cute little guys over for a swimming party!

They had such a grand time splashing in the water, playing ring-a-round the rosies, and running, running, and running around! I can't believe how enjoyable it is to just watch toddlers play together!
What a great way to spend my last day off!

Donny On Memorial Day

On Memorial Day Donny did a benefit concert at Utah State University with Jessie Clark Funk and the The American Festival Chorus and Orchestra. Jodi was right on top of things and got us great tickets! We decided that we would give our husbands the opportunity to see Donny's great talent, so we planned a double date.

We went to Cafe Sabor for dinner - usually a fantastic place - however, after a VERY long time, and several bowls of chips, we discovered that somehow they lost our order and we had to leave before we could enjoy our dinner. (Don't worry, they apologized and made it right.) We ended up taking our food to go, and just sat on the lawn scarfing it down and hardly enjoying it because we were late.
The American Festival Chorus and Orchestra performed various patriotic numbers. They were very good. After that, Jessie Clark Funk sang for us. She is wonderful! She has an incredible voice and was very fun to watch. (sorry, my pictures of Jessie didn't turn out very good…