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A Willy Wonka Date

Last night my cute little Bubba and I went on a date to the Heritage Theatre to see Two of the cast members live in our ward, Adam and Brooklyn Wheatley - they did a fabulous job!  Brooklyn was an Oompa Loopa and everytime she was on stage, Bubba pointed her out to me - Look!  There is Brooklyn!  over and over again!  

We sat on the 2nd row, so we had great seats to see everything that was happening on stage!
As part of the promotion, the theater was selling candy bars - 5 of them contained a golden ticket, just like in Willy Wonka.  The winners of the tickets get a tour of the Idle Isle candy factory and a pound of their favorite chocolates.  We bought two candy bars, anxious to see if we would find a golden ticket!
 Darn!  No golden ticket for us (although there was a winner in the audience), just yummy candy.!
. We had so much fun on our date!  I love that Bubba enjoys going to plays with me!  I hope that he never grows out of it!

Rylee's Wedding

Friday we had the opportunity to attend my niece's wedding at Thanksgiving point.  She was fortunate to have won her dream wedding from a contest that she entered.  It was a beautiful wedding, and we had a great time.  Kim was the hit of the evening (with exception to the bride and groom, of course!) by dancing with almost every lady in attendance! Congratulations, Rylee and Justin!
 Fun photos from the photo booth!