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My Date

My sweet hubby is usually terrific at getting me gifts. He has a knack for picking out things (even clothing) that I always like. (I know, I am EXTREMELY fortunate in that regard! - a fact I do NOT take for granted!) However, this year for my birthday, he just didn't have any ideas, so he asked me what I would like. I couldn't come up with any ideas either, so I just asked him to plan a fun date for me. He took the challenge and started planning. We couldn't go on the very day of my birthday because of prior commitments, so he made plans to go this week.

I had NO idea what he had planned! He first took me to Sizzler for dinner. Perfect choice! I love the steaks, and he loves the salad bar! It was delicious. After dinner, we took a quick trip to Home Depo - his favorite part of the date, I'm sure!!!!
After the Home Depo, we started driving west, I couldn't imagine where we were headed until I saw Toad's. Cool! We were going miniature golfing!!!!!! How…