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Birthday Treasure Hunt

Birthday gifts for Kim are not easy to acquire.  He loves tools - but I could never choose tools for him because he either has what he needs or it is much too expensive.  He loves tee-shirts with funny sayings on them - but he owns a plethora of tee shirts, so much so that there is no more room in his closet, and he buys them himself whenever he sees one he likes.  He isn't into electronics or movies or office supplies.
So this year I researched Pinterest and decided to make him a treasure hunt.  I had visions of planting little gifts (but what?) all over town in places that had meaning to us as we reminisced of years gone by.  Of course plans such as that never seem to come to fruition.  I ran out of time (and energy) and was not able to hide any fun treasures.  However, I did make a fun treasure map with clues of places to go.

Kim does like playing games, so I think he got a little kick out of trying to solve the clues.  I use the treasure map and had all of the clues relate to …